How To Keep Chlorine In Pool

Chlorine is a chemical compound that is used to disinfect water by killing bacteria. In order to maintain a sanitary swimming pool, it is important to keep the chlorine levels within a safe range. How To Keep Chlorine In Pool There are a few ways to keep chlorine in a pool. One way is to … Read more

How To Unclog Skimmer Line

A skimmer is a device used to remove floating debris from the surface of a pool. The skimmer line is the pipe that carries water from the pool to the skimmer. If the skimmer line becomes clogged, the pool will not be able to circulate water properly and the water will become cloudy. There are … Read more

How To Aerate A Pool

Aerating a pool is an important part of keeping the water clean and healthy. There are a few different ways to aerate a pool, but the most common method is to use an aerator pump. An aerator pump creates bubbles in the water which helps to circulate and oxygenate the water. This is important for … Read more

How To Soften Pool Water

Water hardness is caused by dissolved minerals in the water, most notably calcium and magnesium. While hard water is not harmful to humans, it can be a nuisance because it can cause scale build-up on fixtures and pipes, and make it difficult to clean. It can also cause skin irritation in some people. There are … Read more

How To Remove Concrete Dust From Pool

Concrete dust is a common by-product of construction and demolition work. It can be very harmful to people and the environment if not properly managed. In swimming pools, concrete dust can cause cloudiness and affect the pH balance of the water. It is important to remove concrete dust from pools as soon as possible to … Read more